django-yubin ============ In our projects we use always two django packages for dealing with email: django-mailer2 (our own fork in APSL) and django-mailviews to compose the emails, form Quora. django-mailer-2 by is a Chris Beaven fork from a fork of James Tauber's django-mailer and is a reusable Django app for queuing the sending of email. django-mailviews from Quora, allows you to compose e-mails using templates in the same way you compose your html templates, and allows you to preview the e-mails. As we use both packages our choice has been to create a new one which could deal with both task: sending and composing e-mails instead of mantaining two diferent branches. As you can see it seems django-mailer2 is not accepting patches, so in order put a new version on pypi a new name was mandatory. So, django-yubin is born. The name attribution is for @morenosan, yubin is postal mail in japanesse. If you want to run the test you'll need a test smtpd server, you can find one in ./bin/fake-server run it in a different console and execute ``


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