django-inspectional-registration is a enhanced application of django-registration. The following features are available

  • Inspection steps for registration. You can accept or reject the account registration before sending activation key to the user.
  • Password will be filled in after the activation step to prevent that the user forget them previously filled password in registration step (No password filling in registration step)
  • Password can be generated programatically and force to activate the user. The generated password will be sent to the user by e-mail.
  • Any Django models are available to use as supplemental information of registration if the models are subclasses of registration.supplements.RegistrationSupplementBase. It is commonly used for inspection.
  • You can send any additional messages to the user in each steps (acception, rejection and activation)
  • The behaviors of the application are customizable with Backend feature.
  • The E-mails or HTMLs are customizable with Django template system.
  • Can be migrate from django-registration simply by south
  • django-mailer compatible. Emails sent from the application will use django-mailer if 'mailer' is in your INSTALLED_APPS

The difference between django-registration

While django-registration requires 3 steps for registration, django-inspectional-registration requires 5 steps and inspector for registration.



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