Differential gene expression analysis has become an increasingly popular tool in determining and viewing up and/or down expressed genes between two sets of samples. The goal of Differential gene expression analysis is to find genes or transcripts whose difference in expression, when accounting for the variance within condition, is higher than expected by chance. DESeq2 is an R package available via Bioconductor and is designed to normalize count data from high-throughput sequencing assays such as RNA-Seq and test for differential expression (Love et al. 2014). For more information on the DESeq2 algorithm, you can visit this website With multiple parameters such as padjust values, log fold changes, and plot styles, altering plots created with your DE data can be a hassle as well as time consuming. The Differential Expression Browser uses DESeq2 coupled with shiny to produce real-time changes within your plot queries and allows for interactive browsing of your DESeq results. In addition to DESeq analysis, DEBrowser also offers a variety of other plots and analysis tools to help visualize your data even further.


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