Davies ------- Davies is a Python package for manipulating cave survey data. It is currently in a very, very early phase of development, and should be considered a "proof of concept" implementation. Current support includes: - Parsing of `Compass <>`_ Project (.MAK) and Data (.DAT) source files, as well as Plot (.PLT) files. - That's it! Example usage:: from davies import compass # Parse a .DAT file datfile ='MYCAVE.DAT') print len(datfile) # number of surveys in .DAT >> 17 print datfile.length # total surveyed footage including splays, etc. >> 5332.2 print datfile.included_length # total surveyed footage after discarding excluded shots >> 5280.0 survey = datfile['BS'] # grab a survey by its survey designation print >> A print >> 2006-09-30 print survey.length # surveyed footage including splays, etc. >> 5332.2 print survey.included_length # surveyed footage after discarding excluded shots >> 5280.0 print survey.shots[0] >> {'FROM': 'A1', 'TO': 'A2', 'LENGTH': 16.8, 'BEARING': 158.0, 'INC': -30.0, 'LEFT': 12.0, 'RIGHT': 15.0, 'UP': 15.0, 'DOWN': 20.0 } print survey.shots[0].azm # azimuth after averaging front and backsights, magnetic declination 155.2 This example shows who has surveyed the most footage in your project:: from davies import compass cavers = {} for datfilename in sys.argv[1:]: for survey in for member in cavers[member] = cavers.get(member, 0.0) + survey.length for name in sorted(cavers, key=cavers.get, reverse=True): print "%s:\t%0.1f" % (name, cavers[name]) Installation ------------ This software requires Python 2.7 Releases are available for installation from the Python Package Index, see `installation instructions <>`_ or simply run the following command on Mac OS X or most Linux distributions. ``pip install davies`` If you've downloaded a source distribution or checked out from the git repository, install locally with: ``python install`` Name ---- The name "Davies" is a tribute to `William E. Davies <>`_, who pioneered the systematic cave survey of West Virginia and authored *Caverns of West Virginia* in 1949. Bill Davies later did the statewide cave survey for the state of Maryland, served the roles of President and Vice-President of the National Speleological Society, and published the definitive US-wide karst map, *Engineering Aspects of Karst*. Davies still serves as an inspiration today to the cave mappers of West Virginia, of the United States, and the World over. License ------- Davies is Open Source software licensed under the MIT License, and is copyright (C) 2013 - 2014 Myotisoft LLC.


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