========== Authomatic ========== Authomatic is an **authorization/authentication** client library for Python web applications inspired by Alex Vagin’s `Simpleauth <>`_. In fact, I almost named it *Deadsimpleauth*, but that name would be too long for a succinct library. For more info visit the project page at Features ======== * Loosely coupled. * Tiny but powerful interface. * The |pyopenid|_ library is the only **optional** dependency. * CSRF protection. * **Framework agnostic** thanks to adapters. Out of the box support for **Django**, **Flask** and **Webapp2**. * Ready to accommodate future authorization / authentication protocols. * Makes calls to provider APIs a breeze. * Supports asynchronous requests. * JavaScript library as a bonus. * Out of the box support for: * |oauth1|_ providers: **Bitbucket**, **Flickr**, **Meetup**, **Plurk**, **Twitter**, **Tumblr**, **UbuntuOne**, **Vimeo**, **Xero** and **Yahoo**. * |oauth2|_ providers: **Behance**, **Bitly**, **Cosm**, **DeviantART**, **Facebook**, **Foursquare**, **GitHub**, **Google**, **LinkedIn**, **PayPal**, **Reddit**, **Viadeo**, **VK**, **WindowsLive**, **Yammer** and **Yandex**. * |pyopenid|_ and |gae|_ based |openid|_. .. note:: To cool your excitement down a little bit, the library is in its **very early stage** and there are practically **no tests**! License and Requirements ======================== The package is licensed under `MIT license <>`_ and requires Python 2.7. Live Demo ========= There is a |gae| based live demo app running at which makes use of most of the features.


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