I'm Peter and I work as a programmer for a small company in the UK. When not working I spend a lot of my time on gymnastic training and Airtracks. So I have decided to combine the two things I love and build an app to help you improve your gymnastic skills on the Airtrack. Still need to come up with a good name for this though. This program can help you design your very own Airtrack tumble track by plotting in the various Air track mats and accessories you have. If you for instance have 2 Airtrack mats, 1 landing mat and 3 springblocks then you can use it to design the perfect tumble track in your back yard. Using Airtracks instead of regular gymnast mats makes a huge difference. You can see more about this at - - Airtrack mats for home use. But why use an Airtrack for tumble at all? Well if you enjoy gymnastics, fitness or sport then it's great fun to do backflips, jumps, cartwheels and other fun jumps out in your backyard. for more information on Airtracks in general.


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