EULexistdb is a Python module that provides utilities and classes for interacting with the eXist-db XML Database (version 1.4) in a pythonic, object-oriented way, with optional Django integration.

eulexistdb.db provides access to an eXist-db instance through eXist's XML-RPC API.

eulexistdb.query provides a QuerySet class modeled after Django QuerySet in functionality. This module provides model and manager classes that can be used to connect an eulxml XmlObject with the QuerySet class, in order to generate XQueries and return the results as XmlObject instances. However, configuring the XmlObject XPaths to make efficent XQueries against eXist and take advantage of the full-text index does require expertise and familiarity with eXist.

When used with Django, eulexistdb can pull the database connection configuration from Django settings, provides a custom management command for working with the collection index configuration index in the configured eXist database, and also provides a custom template tag that can be used to highlight full-text search matches.


eulexistdb currently depends on eulxml.

eulexistdb can be used without Django, but additional functionality is available when used with Django.

Contact Information

eulexistdb was created by the Digital Programs and Systems Software Team of Emory University Libraries.


eulexistdb is distributed under the Apache 2.0 License.

Development History

For instructions on how to see and interact with the full development history of eulexistdb, see eulcore-history.



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