Cheshire3 is a fast XML search engine, written in Python for extensability and using C libraries for speed. Cheshire3 is feature rich, including support for XML namespaces, unicode, a distributable object oriented model and all the features expected of a digital library system.

Standards are foremost, including SRU and CQL, as well as Z39.50 and OAI. It is highly modular and configurable, enabling very specific needs to be addressed with a minimum of effort. The API is stable and fully documented, allowing easy third party development of components.

Given a set of documents records, Cheshire3 can extract data into one or more indexes after processing with configurable workflows to add extra normalization and processing. Once the indexes have been constructed, it supports such operations as search, retrieve, browse and sort.

The abstract protocolHandler allows integration of Cheshire3 into any environment that will support Python. For example using Apache handlers or WSGI applications, any interface from standard APIs like SRU, Z39.50 and OAI (all included by default in the cheshire3.web sub-package), to an online shop front can be provided.


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